There are two Reclass processes: Expense and Revenue.   

If you have any questions about reclasses, please reach out the GL Team at  

ACS CAN Donation Reclass 

  • For reclasses involving an ACS CAN donation, please contact Pam Traxel at (202) 661-5740 or via the provided email address. 

Expense Reclass (NetSuite) 

Staff must complete both of the following: 

Revenue Reclass 

  • Launch Salesforce: Revenue reclass requests are to be submitted in Salesforce through the Revenue Reclass Requests “App”. Once the request has been submitted, the information is reviewed by a finance team member for approval. Reclasses can only be submitted for payments of $500 or greater for: 
    • A single or bulk reclass – Reclass one or more payments to a single Society Key+3 
    • A split gift reclass – Split a single payment to multiple segments (i.e. Society Key+3) 
    • A split donor reclass – Split a single payment among multiple donors