Legal/Risk Management Support Requests

To submit a request for legal / risk management support, in most instances, you will be routed to either the Legal For Me or Legal & Risk Management pages on Society Source or to the iContract dashboard. The information provided below provides you with the reason(s) you would utilize the highlighted form(s).  

If you have questions or need assistance with any of these forms, email us at or call (404) 327-6423. 

ART (Alliance Review Team) 

  • ART Submission form: Use this form to initiate the strategically-aligned approval process for corporate and strategic alliance opportunities. 
  • ART Exception Approval Form: Use this form when there is no revenue guarantee and we are making an exception to the partnership criteria. 

Claims & Insurance 

Contracts & Legal Matters 

  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form: Use this form to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. While this is included in your annual compliance completions, you may have a need for ad hoc disclosures. 
  • Contract Intake & Authorization (CIA) Form: Submit this completed form along with your iContract request submission. Submission of this form signifies that the business & budget owner has reviewed & approved this engagement or service and budget expenditure. 
  • Contract Submission Supplemental Forms: This is NOT a form. This is a list of forms that are used to support contract submissions. Please review this list prior to submitting a contract. 
  • Domain Name Management Form: Use this form to… 
  • Legal Hold Request Form: All Legal Hold Requests need to go through the Legal Department. Only the Legal Department will fill out the Legal Hold Request form. If anyone has questions regarding a Legal Hold, please contact Sherrhonda Roach, Senior Director, Legal Services. 
  • Legal Matter Submission eForm: Use this form to send Legal Matter Inquiries to the Legal Team.