Reporting & Analytics Support Requests 

From the Reporting & Analytics Support page, staff can get support with reporting needs, access verified department and team reports, as well as access training and resource materials.

If you have questions or need assistance with any of these reporting & analytics forms, email us at  

Report Request Intake links are provided below.


  • Historical data requests must be approved by management. Historical data refers to data not currently accessible via Salesforce.
  • Data Export requests from Salesforce must have business justification and management approval.

Reporting Requests and Support 

Customer Contact List Export 

  • Customer List Pull Request Form: Use this form to request a customer list export, which generally includes contact information such as address, email or phone. 

Regional Event Direct Mail Campaigns & Team Captain, Committee, or Participant

This applies to Survivor Mailings, Event Invitations, MSABC Breakfast invitations, etc. This request can be used for Event Team, Sponsor, or Participant List Exports. Note: Data comes from Salesforce which has current year +2 years available. 
Please select the form for your region below. To view contacts in your region who are fulfilling these request, go here.

Top Verified Self-Service Reports 

Verified reports found on the Reporting & Analytics Support page are periodically reviewed for accuracy and updated as needed by the Platform Team and Business Owners. Examples of reports available include ACS CAN membership, finding payments, matching gifts by account, volunteer shifts, and more. 

Important Reminders about Personal Information   

  • Confidential Personal Information (Name, Address, Email address) should only be shared with those who are authorized to view the information and who have a legitimate business need to access the information.
  • Confidential Personal Information can be shared or saved in the follow ways: Shared drive/network drive, OneDrive and SharePoint Team Sites.
  •  For constituent files with confidential personal information needed for direct marketing campaigns, the best practice is to upload the information to One Drive. Once you upload the file to One Drive you will have the option to share a link. Share the link with the staff member who follows up with you once the request is approved. Thank you!