Other ACS Applications


ADP or iPay Issues

Issues with ADP, eTime, or EV5 other than a password issue, please contact the Service Desk via Ask Navi/Live Chat. For password issues, please click Forgot Password or Change Password here or on the ADP login screen.

Reporting Support Request Form

Use this form to request a report or support related to customer, revenue, and mission related reports.

Website (Non-Event/AEM/cancer.org) Change or Enhancement Request

Use to request changes or enhancements to cancer.org or any other ACS Non-Event Website. Enter a full description of the request in the "Website Enhancement Details" and "Website Enhancement Additional Details" sections. Please provide as much information as possible. If possible, please include an attachment that illustrates the change or enhancement you are requesting. Note: Only one file can be attached when submitting. 

For Urgent Issues with cancer.org or any other ACS Non-Event Website, contact the Service Desk via Ask Navi/Live Chat.

For Non-Urgent Issues, please use the Marketing & Communications Request Form on the Marketing Requests page.

Migrating Home Network Drive Content to OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business online storage will be used in place of you home network drive. You will receive an email notifying you that your home network drive content needs to be moved to OneDrive for Business. You will be given 30 days from the date you receive the email to move all of your home network drive content to OneDrive for Business before it is permanently deleted. Therefore, to ensure all of your content is successfully migrated and syncing properly in OneDrive for Buesiness, please do the following: Review the File & Folder Restrictions in OneDrive for Business Section before migrating your home new drive content. Since you may have to rename a wide range and large number of files if their names contain unsupported characters, only migrate (copy and paste) 1 folder at a time and make sure all items are successfully syncing in OneDrive for Business before copying and pasting additional content from your home network drive. Note: If you have not synced your OneDrive for Business content to your local PC, and you are accessing OneDrive for Business via Internet Explorer, you will only be able to copy & paste files (not folders), since Internet Explorer does not prove the option to copy entire folders to OneDrive for Business on Windows 7. To copy & paste entire folders when accessing your OneDrive for Business content via a web browser, user Google Chrome.

Mobile FUNdraising

If you experience fradulent charges, or have an urgent issue, please use (EWS) LIVE CHAT, otherwise use this form to submit an online ticket..

People Fluent Issues

To submit an online ticket for People Fluent issues or new user requests. For password related issues, please contact the Service Desk via Ask Navi/Live Chat. 

Society Account / IAM Issues

To submit an online ticket for Society Account/IAM issues.

Society Pathways or VLC

Society Pathways is the learning and performance management system for the American Cancer Society and ACS Cancer Action Network.