Job Separations

Note: Job Separations are required for al lstaff regardless of Employee Type.

Review and follow the Exit Checklist

Ending Pay

  • ACS Staff - Submit an ADP Work Event
  • Non-ACS Paid Staff - Complete a termination request in Work Nexus for Superior Temp Staff
  • Vendors and other contract agenices - You may need to contact the agencies directly.

Terminate Computer, Network, & System Access (All Staff and Volunteers)

    Note: If any retention will need to be done please review the "Special Access" section below prior to submitting the Job Separation Request. For immediate termination assistance, please email your ticket #, time and time zone of the termination to

Special Access (if necessary)

   Email Access

  • Direct managers will automatically receive access to the exited employee's mailbox the following day after exit. An email will be automatically sent to the manager with instructions on access. For instructions on how to set this up in your mailbox, Click Here.
  • Any additional parties requesting access to the mailbox must have HR and Legal/Privay sign-off.
  • A request must be submitted to and a separate incident opened for this request.   

    Data and Voicemail Access

  • HR and Legal/Privacy approval submit to is required before IT can grant access to an exited employee's data and/or voicemail.
  • You must attach the HR and Privacy Liaison's approval EMAIL in the area provided below in the job separation request before submitting the request.
  • Requests submitted without proper approval will completed and closed with only basic offboarding being done. 

Additional resources are available on the Managers Resources page on Society Source.