Volunteer Onboarding Request

Volunteer Onboarding

  • Use this process to onboard a new volunteer that requires ACS' computer, email, and/or network access
    • Update or enter Volunteer’s information into Salesforce
    • Volunteer needs to complete required training through the Volunteer Community:
      • Welcome to ACS
      • New! Multifactor Authentication Training (for renewing volunteers only)
      • Intro to Phishing
      • Privacy Training and Acknowledgement (must be completed annually)
      • IT Security Awareness
      • IT Security and Acceptable Use Policy (must be completed annually)
    • Before submitting your request, you must receive the volunteer training completion email. If you have not received the email notification, please reach out to acsvolunteercare@cancer.org to verify training completion.
    • Gather this required information for completing the request:
      • Primary Work Location
      • Volunteer's Role
      • Volunteer's Home ZIP Code
      • Volunteer's Personal Email
      • Volunteer's Birth Month/Day
      • Volunteer's PIN
      • Volunteer's Cell/Mobile Number
      • Volunteer's Alternate Phone
    • Submit the Volunteer Onboarding Request   
    • Wait for an email from IT with volunteer's log in information and welcome materials.

Important Notes:

  • Volunteer must have taken the Acceptable Use, Privacy, and IT Security Awareness training courses in the Volunteer Community and signed off on those statements of understanding.
  • Start and End dates for the volunteer access to these applications are required and cannot be more than one year. Office location must be completed for volunteers that will be using ACS equipment.
  • Access is granted based on volunteer roles, responsibilities, and needs.
  • Volunteers who need access to Microsoft Office tools can access them on the Office 365 Web Portal
  • If additional functions are needed, a business case and budget code must accompany the request. The Office 365 E5 license cost is $120. Other applications and software vary in cost.
  • Please allow 10 business days for the approval and provisioning process.
  • All files should be stored on OneDrive for Business. 
  • Please note this process requires annual submission. Volunteers must retake Privacy Training and Acknowledgement and IT Security and Acceptable Use Policy. Staff must additionally complete a Volunteer Onboarding Request to renew volunteer’s access. Volunteer access will be disabled if annual training is not completed and/or a new Volunteer Onboarding Request has not been submitted by the staff partner in advance of their expiration date.

If you have questions, please contact ACSVolunteerCare@cancer.org